Explaining the curiosity

 Explaining the curiosity

Many students in my Guirella class are curious to know as to why all my videos are based on such intense political themes. The essence of Marxian thought was that Man’s actions were driven by economic environment. As a person who will like to describe himself as a democratic institutionalist I have serious differences with Marx and his followers. Man’s action is a product of several factors including the political and social situation in which one has grown or worked.

Thats’ the basis of my argument to dialectically explain why my videos have a strong over doze of politics. I grew up in a family where discussing politics was not merely a pastime activity. Conversing and writing about politics was work and a source of living for us. As a journalist my focus has been covering conflict-related issues between India and Pakistan. This interest has build my network pool among journalists, academics and scholars working on conflict related issues across the world.

Being a Fulbright media fellow I have been able to expand the network here in New York. Not only I have pursued my interests but further broadened my horizon about the issues relevant to me. Each Fulbright fellow brings her or his specialization and an area of interest. Besides the skills upgradation of the fellows through the academic program, the purpose of the Fulbright fellowship is also to promote the interface between the fellow and his U.S. colleagues where both sides learn from each other. Its’ an opportunity for both sides to understand that there are diverse perspectives and each perspective or experience is important and has to respected. We must agree to disagree.


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